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Whether the repairs you need to have completed are minor or major, you should always bring your wristwatch to a professional watchmaker for the proper repairs.. A well-maintained watch can last a life-time and most Swiss watch manufactures recommend a full Service every 3-5 years for a Mechanical watch and every 5-7 years for Quartz. Services for Swiss brands such as Omega, Tissot, Rado and Longines; Quartz and Mechanical are carried out by highly trained technicians at our Service Lab.


Great quality watch batteries are  designed to last a minimum of 2 years in most quartz watches.  This however, is also dependent on the quality and general maintenance of the watch. Proactively replacing your watch battery will ensure that your watch will continue working correctly without damaging the machine through leaks etc. At The Watch Lab our expert watch technicians may also be requested to reseal and pressure test your watch ensuring that it remains protected against the elements. Our expert technicians are specially trained to understand the requirements of each watch, across all well-known brands and watch types. We are happy to discuss the process with you and offer any advice you may be looking for.


Has your watch has stopped operating as designed? Is it struggling to keep the correct time? Does it lose power too quickly? Has it been through significant wear and tear, water damage, fall damage etc.?  If you suspect your watch may have a fault, then bring your watch into one of our labs or retail outlet and our staff will be able to assess your watch to see if it requires a movement repair or a service. Each of our watchmakers are fully trained and have a minimum of 5 years experience, allowing them to work on every type of watch brand from Omega to Seiko, including servicing all types of mechanical or quartz watch movements.


As part of our movement repair, a service is included as standard at our service centre. The watch is firstly tested to determine where the fault lies and what needs correcting. The movement is then carefully dismantled, and each part is checked under magnification to check for damage or wear. Any parts that are damaged are then repaired or replaced and the dismantled movement is then put through an intensive ultrasonic cleaning process to remove any trace of oil, dirt or other contaminant.

Once it is cleaned, the movement is then precisely re-assembled with the watchmaker adding minute amounts of oil to each of the moving parts to ensure that the watch works as efficiently as possible. Once the watch has been serviced it is regulated and put through an extensive testing programme where the timekeeping and run-time are assessed under a number of different conditions. 


Over time, your watchcase or bracelet may start to lose its shine. Our detailing service will restore the original shine and brilliance to your watch. First, we remove all traces of contamination on the bracelet and case using our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning process and tools. Then we gently remove superficial scratches on our buffing and polishing equipment to restore the watch to like-new condition.

A scratched watch case and bracelet can diminish the look of the watch, fortunately The Watch Lab will be able to refurbish the metal on your watch to restore the original finish. 

We can also restore both brushed and polished finishes, along with more complex styles such as a sunburst or sand-blasted effect.





A dial restoration is a more specialised job that requires the dial to be dismantled and then slowly built back together, providing the original colour, finish and decoration to the dial. First the dial markers or numbers are removed, and then then dial is rubbed down to its base metal colour.



If you have a scratched watch glass, or a cracked or smashed watch crystal, then we can offer a high quality replacement fitted by trained technicians. When the glass in your watch is scratched or chipped then it can not only damage the appearance of your watch, but the water resistance of your watch can also be compromised. 



Whether you want a replacement, repair or adjustment to your watch bracelet or strap the Watch Lab will be able to help. 

We stock a wide range of high-quality leather , metal , rubber and plastic straps, and are able to help you choose a replacement from a range of different styles, colours and size. 

If your watch does not fit as well as it once did, then we will be able to either remove or add links into your bracelet, or add additional holes into your watch strap. Clasps can become strained and damaged over time, leaving them loosely fitting or unable to close correctly. We are able to carefully adjust your clasp to tighten it, or if not possible then we can offer a replacement new clasp. 


In order to provide a full and professional service, we pressure test your watch using our state of the art pressure testers, along with performing a hydro-tech flash test, that detects microscopic changes in the watch case. We then test for positive and negative pressure and check battery consumption.

re engineer

We redesign, reuse, recover and re-purpose the outdated watch mechanisms as well as the exterior to produce a final product that is dramatically improved in design and functionality. 


Overhauls involve complete disassembly of the watch case, which includes ultrasonic cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly. 

The overhaul process varies depending on whether the watch is quartz or mechanical. For mechanical movements, we install new mainsprings whereas quartz movements receive replacement batteries. After that, we inspect all other interior elements and issue substitutions as needed. 

Before we put the movement back together, we conduct a thorough cleaning as well as refinishing. Once we reassemble the movement, we seal the stem along with the crown, and then replace the case back gasket. Upon completion, we conduct a series of tests over a 72 hour period. During that time, we evaluate the watch's accuracy, water resistance, and functionality. If your watch passes inspection, then we ship it back to you. Otherwise, we attempt to fix any additional maintenance

Other watch related repairs

Stem & Crown repair

Sometimes referred to as a knob and dial, the crown and stem on new and vintage timepieces can be delicate and may easily deform or break under pressure or impact. Without these key pieces, setting the time is impossible and probing may further damage the mechanisms of the watch.

Pusher Installation

Pushers are small dials or buttons that typically appear on quartz and complex chronograph watches. When they break down, your watch becomes vulnerable to water damage.  

Our professional watchmakers have the expertise to identify and install the appropriate replacement stem, crown and pushers while inspecting your timepiece for any additional damage or wear.